Why CWS® is a Designation

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Why CWS® is a Designation

The Certified Wealth Strategist® or CWS® was designed to respond to an industry need for a practitioner oriented, application-based certification experience.

The development of the Certified Wealth Strategist® Program resulted from a request of several nationally recognized firms who were interested in having their professionals grow their business among wealthy individuals. So together, we have developed this Certified Wealth Strategist® program, which will make sure that each of your professionals are competent and confident in bringing up issues that high net worth individuals face.

Keep in mind- itís not only what an advisor knows, but how he or she applies their knowledge with their clients that creates a differential.

The mission of the CWS® is to provide financial services professional's with the technical knowledge, the practice management formula, and the critical client interaction skills to create and build a dynamic Wealth Advisory practice that works effectively with more complex client issues.  This highly acclaimed program is one of the fastest growing certifications in our industry, because it is about both knowledge and application – it is about the Advisor’s goal to become their clients’ trusted advisor.